'If You Don't Communicate You Don't Exist!' a talk by Joan Francesc Cánovas

On 9 July, Joan Francesc Cánovas, lecturer in the Faculty of Communication at Pompeu Fabra University and Director of the Master in Communication Management and the Postgraduate Programme in Strategic Digital Communication at IDEC-Universitat Pompeu Fabra, gave a talk entitled “If You Don't Communicate You Don't Exist!” aimed at IDEC students and professionals from the sector. 

The talk dealt with the importance of communication in today's world. According to Cánovas, the executive role of communication has come to be just as important as that of other departments. It’s for this reason he states that "we cannot understand organisations without communication. It has become just as important as production, innovation or marketing".

Cánovas is a journalist and consultant specialising in crisis communication and training for spokespersons.

You can see the talk by clicking on the following video: