IDEC-UPF supports the specialized training in the field of cinema

There is no question that Catalan cinema is going through a good phase. In 2010, 200 films were produced in Spain, 100 of which were produced in Catalonia. At the Premios Gaudí awards ceremony (January 2011), Joel Joan, president of the Catalan Cinema Academy, stated that “This year's crop has been exceptional because there are films from all the genres which, in addition, have all had audiences”. Among the films produced in the past year we can mention Elisa K by Judit Colell and Jordi Cadena, which was awarded the Premio Festival del Jurado de San Sebastián, and Pa Negre by Agustí Villaronga, which won 9 Goyas, among them the Goyas for best script and best director.

But this good phase that Catalan cinema is currently enjoying is no mere coincidence. An article published in La Vanguardia on 28th March of this year, emphasises the work of the Festival de Sitges and of some production companies such as Mediapro, Rodar y Rodar and Versátil. It also points out that “it's important to highlight the work which the institutions dedicated to teaching cinema have been carrying out for the last few years, especially the Master's in Making Documentaries from IDEC-Universitat Pompeu Fabra, which has stood out as a factory of good producers”.

Following the good reception of the Master in Making Documentaries, IDEC continues to support training in the field of cinema. Next October will mark the beginning of the first edition of the Máster in Cinema Scriptwriting and Direction. Auteur Cinema, directed by the UPF teachers and film makersn Judith Colell and Jordi Cadena, and the Master in Feature Length Films for the Cinema and Television, directed by Paco Poch, producer, among others, of films such as Cravan vs Cravan and La leyenda del tiempo, by Isaki Lacuesta, and Caracremada, by Lluís Galter.