IDEC presents important innovations in course programmes for 2007-2008

On 23rd and 24th March the Saló Futura, IDEC presented important innovations in its programmes for the coming academic course in 2007-2008. In keeping with the philosophy of innovation and academic excellence characterised by IDEC, it will be presenting new training programmes aimed at new professional profiles. This year IDEC is directing its attention towards new ambits which require specialised training:

l Science management: Masters in Leadership and Science Management.

l Intellectual Property Management: Masters in Intellectual Property Law.

l Diversity Management: Masters in Citizenship and Immigration.

l Mobility Management: Masters in Mobility Planning and Management.

l Internet Management: Masters in Search Engines.

l Fashion Business Management: Postgraduate course in Fashion Business Management.

The Master in Leadership and Science Management reinforces IDEC?s sensitivity towards science and is a reponse to the demands of new professionals with the ability to administrate research and development of both public and private centres.

The defence of intellectual property also requires specialisation in the field of law, as offered by the Master?s in Intellectual Property Law. Participants will acquire the necessary knowledge regarding copyright laws, rights against unlawful competition, rights against industrial creations (patents and industrial designs) and rights regarding distinctive trademarks.

The Masters in Citizenship and Immigration addresses the social reality of immigration and its repercussions on citizenship.

The Masters in Mobility Planning and Management is a new addition to IDEC?s programmes created to face new urban challenges. It trains professionals from a global point of view so that they can analyse, plan and manage mobility and transport and at the same time address the different inter-relations involved.

The Masters in Search Engines: positioning, online marketing and technological vigilance, providing the abilities necessary to make intelligent use of internet search engines and to offer their full potential to businesses investing in the publication of websites.

Finally, the Postgraduate course in Fashion Business Management is aimed at those who wish to develop professional activities in the fashion business.

These programmes are just a few of the new proposals offered by IDEC-UPF programmes, which include a wide variety of masters, postgraduate programmes and specialised courses in different areas of Business, Law and Public Management, Communications and Language, and Design and Architecture (IDEC-Elisava joint programme).