IDEC presentation in Ecuador

On March 27th, there was a presentation ceremony at the Swissotel in Quito for IDEC?s postgraduate programmes, with the participation of IDEC?s General Director Pau Verrié, and UPF alumni Gustavo Solórzano and Fausto Valencia. The 50 or more individuals who attended expressed great interest in our institution?s training programmes and in the possibility of registering for one of them.

On the same day in Quito, and on April 1st in Guayaquil, there were two meetings of alumni: the first steps in forming a UPF Alumni in Ecuador. The participants, some of them former doctorate students at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra, came from various programmes such as UPF?s Graduate Programme in Economics, Finance and Management and other courses at IDEC, including Banking and Finance, Applied Economic Analysis, International Business, Financial Markets and Public and Social Policies. Gustavo Solorzano (Guayaquil), and Fausto Valencia (Quito), have assumed responsibility for co-ordinating and promoting the association in the future.

The visit of IDEC?s general director to Ecuador also served to arrange a meeting with Engineer Oscar Mendoza, dean at the Faculty of Humanistic and Economic Sciences at ESPOL (the Escuela Superior Politécnica del Litoral), the most prestigious public university in Ecuador (proof of this being the fact that it is the university which receives most donations from Ecuadorians through income taxes). They were joined by several lecturers from the University, all UPF doctors and alumni. Conversations revealed excellent perspectives for establishing collaborations in the coming months.