IDEC, one of UPF's strong points

The rapid expansion of postgraduate offers at IDEC and in particular the success of campaigns in Latin America, have been the strong points indicated in the institutional assessment report compiled by the European University Association (EUA) with relation to Pompeu Fabra University. This report emphasises that \"the offer of continuing education has networking effects which are known well to IDEC, and which have enabled it to consolidate a highly dynamic alumni network. All this activity may help the UPF to build its own alumni network.\"

As well as mentioning IDEC, the report also indicates other strong points of the University, such as international recognition and the reputation of its study programmes; the unique identity of an institution with a clear idea of its competitive qualities (its solid reputation for quality, innovative spirit and a high level of internationalisation); its acute attention to quality; the evaluation of alumni; the pre-eminently European vision of the centre; its capacity for research, the involvement of its teaching staff and the ability to obtain finance for research.

The EUA report summarises UPF\'s history with the following words: \"In less than twenty years, Pompeu Fabra University has succeeded in taking its place among the top universities in the country, and in making a name for itself both in Spain and abroad\". The institutional assessments carried out by the EUA analyse the strategic management mechanisms and processes applied by universities in order to improve their quality.