IDEC, one of the UPF's strong points

?One point in favour of the UPF is IDEC, the Institute for Continuing Education, a professional entity, aimed at the market and very active.? These are the words used by the institutional evaluation report of the European University Association (EUA) to define IDEC. The study-carried out at the request of this entity, which has over 10 years of experience in the area and over 200 evaluations to its credit ? emphasises the ?unique? profile of the University as it has succeeded, despite being a young institution, in consolidating the objectives it was set up for: \\\"to offer high quality teaching in a range of clearly specified disciplines\\\". With regard to the trajectory of the UPF, the European University Association has made this observation: ?In less than twenty years, the Universitat Pompeu Fabra has succeeded in becoming one of the top universities in Spain , making a name for itself both at home and aboard.\\\"

The document points out that IDEC is: ?a private foundation, part of the UPF group, offering programmes which are directed and taught mainly by university staff, and therefore with the UPF\'s own personal stamp. Over 9,000 students attended IDEC programmes last year, and among them there were around 3,000 who registered for long courses (masters and postgraduate studies). In the European context, this volume of continuing education is by no means derisible, thus underlining both IDEC\'s professionalism in management and its marketing, and the appropriateness of the range of subjects in the area of continuing education, (mainly finance and economic and business sciences).?

By way of a recommendation, the report emphasises that ?the offer of continuing education has the effect of creating networks which IDEC knows only too well, and which has led it to consolidating an amazingly dynamic alumni network. All these activities can help UPF to build its own alumni network. At the same time, the university must be taken advantage of for its experience and IDEC\'s contacts and networks for the promotion of business partnerships and to establish professional marketing activities.?

European University Association

The EUA\' s institutional evaluations analyse the mechanisms and processes of strategic management of universities with a view to promoting quality.