IDEC offers lectures and sessions on current affairs

? ?Digital Marketing: the secret of Obama\'s success?, was the title of the master class given on 20th May by Javier Oliete, General Director of Neo Ogilvy, as part of the Master in Direct and Digital Marketing. The lecture demonstrated the online marketing strategy which enabled Barack Obama to generate notoriety during the American election campaign.

? June 10th saw the celebration of Fórmula 2009, the 7th Professional Meeting for Pharmaceutical Marketing, entitled ?Biotechnical companies: challenges and opportunities for pharmaceutical marketing?. This meeting, developed as part of the Master in Pharmaceutical Marketing, was held at the Barcelona Biomedical Research Park.

? James R. Fitzgerald, forensic linguist, violent crime consultant and former member of the FBI presented a session on 15th June entitled ?Language-Based Crimes: Utilizing Forensic Linguistics to Identify Offenders?, part of the Master in Forensic Linguistics. Fitzgerald, who took part as guest lecturer on the postgraduate programme in Authorship Attribution, described his experience in the use of forensic linguistics as a research technique in applying the law