IDEC makes itself known at the Fòrum Fnac in L'Illa

On 27th 28th, 29th and 30th April IDEC joined in the celebration for International Book Day with a series of workshops and debates at the Fòrum FNAC in L\'Illa.

The workshops covered a variety of current topics. The public could also choose to attend poetry workshops; debates about the world of advertising, brands and the crisis, as well as view prestigious documentary films and try out the most innovative video games and digital art of the moment.

Of particular note among the many debates and workshops was ?Advertisements? But we don\'t watch television any more!?given by Josep Maria Fàbregas, which dealt with the impact which the change in habits in media consumption has had on the marketing strategies used by brand names. Our attention is increasingly divided between three screens: television, computer and mobile, often simultaneously, remarked Josep Maria Fàbregas, director of the Master\'s in Direct and Digital Marketing and the Master\'s in Pharmaceutical Marketing. This represents a great challenge for brand names, but it is not the only one they have to face in this complex day and age. How can brand names defend themselves against the threat from distribution brands? How is it possible to compete with your main client? The session answered these and other questions and pointed out new strategies to apply.

The debate was entitled ?The growth of e-books? and it focused on the influence of new technologies on reading. It was led by Javier Aparicio, director of the Master\'s in Publishing and co-director of the Postgraduate Programme in Industrial Book Oroduction, and Pablo Odell. The emergence of new technologies is affecting, and will affect, the publishing sector, which should demonstrate its capacity to adapt to a new situation which has altered the public\'s reading habits. The workshop analysed the situation of the industry in the face of a change in the public\'s source of reading (e-books, internet or paper).

The talk with the largest attendance was ?Fashion: between brand names and low cost?, given by Inma Urrea. To talk about fashion is to talk about lifestyle and brand names. The need for permanent renovation has become a law which is also respected by areas beyond clothes and accessories. Inma Urrea, co-odirector of the Postgradute Programme in Fashion Company Management, as well as the Postgradute Programme in Media and Fashion Journalism and the Postgraduatew Course in Brand Meaning: analysis, creation and management of brand identity, talked about the fall in spending on clothes caused by the crisis, but she also pointed out that despite this, brand names are still being bought, from Armani to Zara.