IDEC is Awarded Two Projects by the Peruvian Ministry of Health

In mid-March, the IDEC-Universitat Pompeu Fabra received an invitation to
partake in the bidding for two projects of the Ministry of Health of Peru,
funded by the World Bank, and achieved subsequent success in both projects,
which were:

PREG – Expertise in Government and Health Management

DEGIS – Diploma in Information Management in Health Interventions

The projects, of two and three years' duration, respectively, are aimed at
training health professionals in management. The courses comprise a variety
of different routes, allowing participants to obtain various postgraduate diplomas
as well as offering some specialist diplomas.

The projects are part of the second phase of the Peruvian PARSA-LUD II (Health
Sector Reform) programme, with the fundamental objective being the training
of health professionals throughout various regions.

The initiative will result in training for around 1,000 health professionals
through a series of cascade training activities. Blended learning training
for trainers and regional tutors will be carried out in Lima, so that the training
can be passed on elsewhere.

The initiatives will be carried out collaboration with Lima's University of
the Pacific and three other regional universities. Professional input will
be offered by experts from Pompeu Fabra University, the Gaspar Casal Foundation
and various Peruvian universities.