IDEC introduces significant new changes into the programme of courses for the academic year 2008-2009

Among the new offers for the 2008-2009 academic year there stand out the Master?s in Intellectual Property Law, the Postgraduate Programme in Television Scriptwriting for Entertainment and Comedy Programmes, and the Postgraduate in Radio and Television Broadcasting.

The Master in Intellectual Property Law helps professionals in the legal field specialise in industrial creations (patents, utility models and industrial designs) and distinctive signs (trademarks and trade names, domain names), copyright and the like, unfair competition law and advertising law (both general and sectorial). The master?s programme, headed by Marià Capella, Montiano Monteagudo and Paz Soler, will consist of highly practical methodology, strengthening to the utmost interactivitity among participants through the use of case-studies.

The Postgraduate Programme in Television Scriptwriting for Entertainment and Comedy Programmes is delivered jointly with El Terrat. This production company has always been known for defending high-quality television and for introducing cultural values within comedy and entertainment products. The intention has always been for such philosophy of audiovisual creation to go beyond the limits of the undertaking, which is why this programme provides participants and future professionals with the knowledge of El Terrat on entertainment and comedy television scriptwriting.

Television is in a constant state of evolution, and yet training possibilities up to now for future professionals has been restricted to a certain type of format. This is why this programme occupies a necessary space both as regards the training of new professionals as well as the opening of doors to reflection and theorising on such contents. The programme, directed by Montserrat Martí and Joan Pons and which will take place between October 2008 and March 2009, is aimed at anyone who wishes to acquire knowledge, techniques and skills in the preparing of entertainment and comedy scripts at the hand of working professionals of great renown.

With the Postgraduate in Radio and Television Broadcasting, IDEC renews its commitment to the mass media and journalism. A large part of the success of radio and television programmes lies in the voice as the main means of support for audiovisual messages. Due to this, for certain professions related to the media, the voice represents not only the main instrument of expression but also a basic work tool. Studying and controlling the voice is essential for future mass media professionals because familiarity with techniques can prevent the onset of voice disorders which subsequently prevent them from carrying out their daily work, and because voice control implies gaining in expression and, therefore, ensuring that the messages transmitted through audiovisual means are more attractive to their audience.

The programme, directed by Emma Rodero, will commence in January 2009, with the participation of prestigious working professionals in the fields of television and radio broadcasting and dubbing.