IDEC hosts the IX Digital Advertising Seminar

IAB Spain, the association representing the digital sector in Spain, together with the Associació Espanyola d'Anunciants (AEA) organised the IX Digital Advertising Seminar, which took place on 21 May at the main branch of IDEC-Universitat Pompeu Fabra.

This year saw the placing on the table of the so-called ?great digital taboos? of the sector. Five round tables with renowned experts in various areas of the digital sector dealt with the hottest topics and, on many occasions, ignored at the most important del marketing and interactive advertising events.

The round table ?Social Media: are they here to stay?? was moderated by Mònica Alonso, lecturer and tutor on the Master's in Direct and Digital Marketing and Director or Corporate Marketing at IDEC. This conference dealt with whether the power of users and their capacity for prescription is a passing trend or a change in paradigm. Those participating in this round table were Alejandro Vázquez Guillen, Commercial Director of Tuenti, Jose Manuel Redondo, head of digital thinking at Universal McCann, Eugenio García-Perate, Head of Digital & Relationship Marketing at Diageo.

Other current issues of interest dealt with were:

  • Internet versus TV: keys to making the most of the convergence of media.
  • Paper media and the Internet: specialisation, influence and competition in the distribution of information.
  • Measuring audiences: in search of the elusive single item of data.
  • Results versus branding : the redefining of advertising?

The seminar was held at the Auditorium of IDEC-Universitat Pompeu Fabra through the Servei de Lloguer d'Espais i Esdeveniments. Those attending the act were able to enjoy a coffee break in the Gallery while informing on the days' contents through social networks and the building's wifi service.