IDEC celebrates the completion of the sixth edition of the MBA Full Time

The MBA full time, an internationally prestigious master in management and business management has just completed its sixth edition. The closing ceremony for the MBA was held on Friday, 28th in the UPF\'s Wellington building and was attended by María Morrás, vice-rector for Postgraduates, Doctorates and International Relations at the university.

The event began with a talk entitled \"A Matter of trust\" given by Blanca Fullana, General Manager of the Edelman company in Spain, and was followed by the awarding of diplomas to participants from over 7 different nationalities who completed the master. More specifically, participants on the last MBA course were from Greece, Argentina, Guatemala, Italy, Saudi Arabia, Japan and the United States.

Taught in English and with a majority of foreign participants, one of the main aims of the master is to offer an international view of business management and guarantee participants the opportunity of applying their learning in international companies. Combining studies with professional praxis, the master also aims to develop students\' managerial skills, especially in terms of their ability to communicate.

With these same objectives, IDEC offers MBA Full Time participants the possibility of completing foreign exchange programmes at important educational institutions, such as the ESSEC business school in Paris or the Argentinean universities of Torcuato Di Tella and San Andrés. Students from these institutions have also visited IDEC.

As regards the content of the MBA, the master consists of subjects such as international business, communication and marketing for the business world, management operations to improve organisation, professional behaviour and skills, applied statistics and business technology and innovation.

All these subjects are dealt with using participatory working methodology and with classes with a maximum of 25 students which enable participants to work in real situations or design consultancy projects for businesses. In this way, participants learn to works as part of a team and to discuss possible solutions for situations which may arise in the business world.

This master lasts 15 months and is aimed at young professionals with a minimum of 2 years\' experience in any branch of the business world. During the course, the average age was 25 and half of the participants were from the financial sector. Work experience of the other participants was linked to sectors such as agriculture, human resources and commerce, with 12.5% of the participants having worked in these three areas.