The musical instinct: How to forge your path in the music industry

  • Five former students of the Postgraduate Course in Managing Businesses in the Music Industry explain how they managed to break into the competitive music industry.

The music industry has changed. The internet, new technologies and, of course, consumer habits have transformed the music industry. Music sales in Spain have fallen by 34% since the year 2000 but  it is still a big business. Every day new opportunities, projects and paths for businesses open up in in the music industry. Here we provide five examples: five people, with five different professions, all connected to the music industry. What do they have in common? They are all alumni of the Postgraduate Course in Global Music Business Management at UPF-IDEC. An unusual, pioneering program which has trained 321 students in ten years, the majority of which (67.48%) now work in the sector.   

Pau Corbalán. Holding a degree in Business Management from UPF, Pau studied the Postgraduate Course in Global Music Business Management at UPF-IDEC in 2004-2005. After seven years working at Atrápalo and other projects he decided in 2013 to set up a concert promotion firm with three partners. 


Ami Bondia. A PhD in Journalism, she studied the Postgraduate Course in Global Music Business Management at Pompeu Fabra University in 2005/2006. She worked as a tour manager for Alejandro Sanz and Malú. She currently works as a consultant and coach in the area of Coaching and Personal Artistic Branding to groups and artists who are starting out and need to reinforce their career. 


Joaquín Fernández. Also a graduate of the 2005/2006 edition. He holds a degree in Law. He is now president of FESTIBOX, a company that sells and distributes gift boxes for music festivals. 



Inés Guerrero. Degree in Translation and Interpreting. She began to work as a concert producer but realised that she needed more education about the sector. She studied the postgraduate course in 2006/2007. This is now the International director of Altafonte, the largest distributor of Spanish independent music.


Marçal Lladó. Studied journalism and got into the music sector by chance. In 2002 he started Bankrobber Records, a label which now includes Guillamino, Sanjosex, Mazoni, El Petit de Cal Eril and Els Surfing Sirles in its stable. As the company grew Mark realised that he needed more training. He participated in the course in 2007-2008.



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