Graduation of the 15th IDEC-UPF promotion. Video and photos

Yesterday, 3rd November, IDEC-UPF celebrated the graduation ceremony for the 2008 promotion, the fifteenth since its creation in 1993. The event was held in the Auditorium and was chaired by UPF rector Josep Joan Moreso, who was accompanied on the presidential table by Núria Basi, president of UPF\'s Social Council; Jaume Guillamet, vice-rector of Infrastructures and Foundations; María Morrás, vice-rector of Postgraduate, Doctorate and International Relations; and Pau Verrié, director general of IDEC-UPF.

Those in attendance, together with family members and other guests, had the pleasure of hearing the talk \\\\\\\"Business of Search\\\\\\\", which was given by Ricardo Baeza-Yates, Yahoo!\'s vice-president for Research for Europe and Latin America and lecturer in the Department of Information and Communication technology at UPF. In his talk Baeza-Yates referred to the advertising associated with Internet search engines, an example of what he described as \\\\\\\"the web\'s closed eco-system\\\\\\\", which combines technology, economics and sociology.

Over 1,400 students have completed some of the master\'s and postgraduate programmes which IDEC has taught during the 2007-2008 academic year, and approximately a third of this number, 480 people, were awarded diplomas during the graduation ceremony, which was brought to a close with speeches by Carlos Briceño, president of IDEC-UPF\'s Alumni Association and rector Josep Joan Moreso.

IDEC programmes cover three main areas: business, social sciences and humanities, health sciences and communication and information technologies. Teaching programmes cover different topics including MBAs, public management, health economics, cultural management, communication, urban planning and translation.

15 years of IDEC-UPF

IDEC, the Institute of Continuing Education , was founded in 1993 and was the result of the commitment shared by the Universitat Pompeu Fabra and a group of companies and economic institutions to continuing training, with the aim of acting as a communication link with the business world, professionals and society. During these 15 years, IDEC has witnessed the graduation of 23,600 participants on master\'s and postgraduate programmes, including open programming, corporative training and dual degree international programmes. IDEC has also significantly increased its international presence and now has a permanent delegation in Argentina and several dual qualification programmes in seven countries.

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