Google, TN Artear and UPF-IDEC to give a workshop on digital Journalism in Argentina

The Continuing Education Institute of Pompeu Fabra University (UPF-IDEC), Google, TN Artear SA and I+E are to jointly give the workshops on Digital Journalism in Buenos Aires. This training aims to bring those attending in closer contact with new procedures and work tools that professional journalists have available to them, such as the positioning of news in Google, use of social networks, and data journalism. The workshops have speakers who are very experienced journalism professionals, most notably, with the participation of members of the news channel TN de Artear SA, the most popular and viewed news channel in Argentina. This workshop is co-directed by Joan Francesc Cánovas, UPF journalism lecturer and director of the Master in Communications Management at UPF-IDEC.

With the idea of offering quality training, closely linked to current journalism requirements, a Postgraduate Course in Digital Journalism will also be given parallel to this.