ACE Translators and the Proofreaders' Association present the Code of Good Practices

The Spanish Translators' Association (ACE Translators) and the Proofreaders' Association (UniCo) have put together a Joint Code of Good Practices in efforts to promote collaboration and mutual understanding between translators and proofreaders, both of whom play a key role in translating literary works. The Code aims to establish essential operating criteria with regard to these professions and secure the recognition of both industries in order to prioritize the quality of the publications and support readers and culture. 'There has always been a lack of communication between translators and proofreaders; communication we feel is essential and necessary for a good end result. This code of good practices, which will also ultimately add value to the work of both groups, strives to ensure that the end product, i.e. the book, is of the highest quality possible', explains Olivia de Miguel, Vice-Chairperson of ACE Translators and Academic Director of the Postgraduate Course in Literary Translation at UPF-IDEC.