The UPF Barcelona School of Management and the UPF-IDEC present their new masters and postgraduate training programmes in the Saló Futura room

UPF Barcelona School of Management and the IDEC-Pompeu Fabra University are the two masters and postgraduate training centres of Pompeu Fabra University (UPF) for professionals and graduates. 

Both centres are committed to a new way of understanding postgraduate training, based on the scientific knowledge that the UPF professors and lecturers have, while adapting to market needs and training new professionals with new capacities. ‘Our programmes are orientated towards preparing young people or professionals, offering revolutionary solutions that contribute to the progression of our society’, explains Daniel Serra, Academic Director at the institution.

At the same time, the UPF-IDEC is centred on providing very specialized training, with multidisciplinary, innovative and cosmopolitan academic surroundings, and comprising 50 different nationalities; the UPF Barcelona School of Management is a consolidated business school and opens up on an international level with its Masters of Science.

The Masters of Science programmes differ from the others in their innovative methodology of a more knowledge-based approach. This methodology is based on analysis and processing of objective data, and employs the rigour of figures and scientific imperialism as key tools for comprehensive business management. Demand for these Masters of Science is increasing, especially abroad, and that is why the UPF Barcelona School of Management has expanded the number of Masters of Science programmes from three to seven this year. This academic year 2013/14, the number of students on these masters has increased by 39%, from last year’s figure of 61 students enrolled to the 85 there are presently. Only 16% of these students are Spanish. The majority come from Europe (Germany, Norway, Austria, United Kingdom or Switzerland), Asia (Turkey, China or India) or America and Africa. For the three years it has been functioning, the UPF Barcelona School of Management business school has been constantly growing. Each year sees around 4,000 students pass through its doors, and its internationalization through the Masters of Science programmes is considerable, with 85% foreign students.

Both of the UPF training centres manage to jointly cover the needs of the labour market as well as the ambitions and expectations of the professionals who enrol here.  Below we have highlighted some of the programmes.

New programmes

Postgraduate in Legal Compliance 

Postgraduate in Usability, Interaction Design and User Experience 

Postgraduate in Governance of Management Boards

Postgraduate in International Finance

Postgraduate in Pharmacoeconomics


Classic Programmes


Master in Marketing Management

Master in Financial Management

Master in Communication

Master in Public Policies

Master in HR Management in Organizations


Niche Programmes

Master in Publishing

Master in Digital Arts

Master in Musical Industry Management

Master in Sports Management

Master in Creative Documentary

Master in Literary Translation

Master in Forensic Linguistics

Master in Genetic Consultancy


Market demand programmes

Masters of Science

Master in Video Game Creation

Master in Animation

Master in Mediation (private and commercial, in sports, for architects)

Master in Legal Practice

Master in Direct and Digital Marketing

Postgraduate in Hospital Management: The Head Of Department as Product Manager


You can see all the programmes here: Masters and postgraduates