The flat-rate war reaches e-books

Amazon has launched its flat-rate Kindle Unlimited service in Spain for the price of €9.99 per month. The debate on the future of publishing and reading habits rages on. Without a doubt, big readers will find the flat rate system a viable economic option. This has set alarm bells ringing within the publishing industry. The flat rate service still has weak points, however, and we are seeing the most attractive options for the reader divided between different platforms. Anagrama was with 24symbols and is now trying its luck on Skoobe. And so, a selective reader will not find just one platform sufficient, observed Ricard Ruiz, journalist and lecturer on the UPF-IDEC Master in Publishing.

And while Spotify offers the vast majority of songs available on the market, in the case of e-books there is a trade war that means options are divided, and so somebody who wants to be up to date with all newly-published books must sign up to various flat-rate plans. “Everything is contingent on individual needs and reading habits.”