Ferran Soriano explains how to put together a winning team

On 15th July Ferran Soriano, president of Spanair and former vice-president of FC Barcelona, gave the closing lecture of the third edition of the Master\'s in Sport Direction and Management in the IDEC auditorium. During the lecture, entitled ?The ball doesn\'t go in by chance?, which is also the title of one of his books, Soriano outlined the logic of the decisions made by professional football clubs. This logic is a key element in obtaining results, an added value to common sense and to the efficient use of business management tools. According to Soriano, sports organisations must be governed by the basic principles of business management.

The results of a sports team are built upon from day to day. Although scoring a last minute goal represents a stroke of luck, a team must work constantly to achieve this. For this reason, Soriano states that ?success or failure do not just happen by chance?.

In response to the question ?How can you put together a winning team??, Soriano replied that there is no set formula for this, but if he had to compose one it would be (commitment*balance) talent. This formula can be applied both to the world of sport and to the world of business.

Soriano also talked about the typology of team management, which can be divided into three kinds: visionary, the type of leader who shows great enthusiasm for leading the team; shoulder, the type who ends up executing; and doctor no, the most prudent. The president of Spanair indicated several styles of leadership, according to the commitment and talent of the team, whether in sport or in business.

This act, which was attended by participants on the programme, as well as sportsmen and other professionals from this sector, concluded with the awarding of attendance certificates to participants on the master\'s by Ferran Soriano, Carles Murillo, director, and Pere Solanellas, co-director of this master\'s degree.