Facebook launches buying and selling of products in its groups.

Facebook has launched a new function that allows users to buy and sell products on the platform. It is a kind of classified advertisement system which will allow individual users and professionals to sell products in groups. “Clearly this is an attempt by Facebook to increase, retain and, especially to monetise traffic” says Albert Garcia Pujadas, academic coordinator of the master program in Direct and Digital Marketing at the UPF Barcelona School of Management.

This new functionality allows users who want to sell their possessions to create a post with a new option: Sell. They describe the item, include the price and determine the delivery area. With the addition of this transactional aspect, Facebook has become a giant marketplace, an immense e-commerce platform for third parties who do not have to register as they are already Facebook users. “Who knows, maybe in the future, Facebook will take a commission or charge for publishing offers,” speculated García Pujadas.

Users can mark posts as sold or available. It is clear to García Pujadas that this new development will, at the very least, invigorate the Facebook community.