Executives who perform basic tasks for one day, analysis by Tomàs Rubió

Tomàs Rubió, Director of the Master in Human Resources Management in Organisations, explains in El País how some companies send their executives to perform basic tasks for one day. Rubió considers that “This type of training makes sense when it comes within broader human resources policies. Selling an image without a message behind it and separate from other strategies, training or remuneration policies, does not make sense”.

Tomàs Rubió’s opinion appears in the article Cambiar la corbata por el delantal (Swapping a tie for an apron) published by Cristina Delgado in El País (25/08/13). The journalist explains, among other examples, how the President of McDonald’s Spain served orders in one of the chain’s restaurants. For one day, all of the multinational’s executives and senior managers swapped their offices for the restaurant. Delgado approaches the story by debating whether this action is a human resources strategy or pure marketing.

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People management is subject to a highly demanding dynamics, obliging professionals to develop appropriate knowledge and attitudes so as to understand the complexity of the business world in which they operate.