A new MBA, “made-to-measure” for each student

  • Up to 40% of Executive MBAs at UPF Barcelona School of Management are personalized
  • Each student will be able to define their own project and together with their mentor, design their training itinerary.

In the same way the content and methodology of a tailored program for a company is adapted to meet their needs, UPF Barcelona School of Management’s Executive MBA is adapted to each individual student’s personal project. Pompeu Fabra University offers a new, redesigned and reformed MBA this year, from an innovative value perspective, created to prepare professionals to provide innovative solutions to society, the economy, or to the needs of their own company. Each student will therefore work on a personal challenge, a project to be defined from the beginning of the year under the supervision of an academic mentor, who will help to identify the key knowledge areas to be acquired during the year.  In order to do this, the program combines core subjects —those considered as fundamental for any professional aiming to hold a management position (Financial Accounting, Strategic Management, Production, Internationalization, etc)— and specific content “customized” according to the personal skills and professional project defined by students at the beginning of the program. ‘We have detected that students have very different training needs depending on what they have studied, their experience, or natural capabilities. Therefore, while some need to go in depth into finance or marketing, others require more strategic negotiation skills, communication or creativity. Clearly the training would not be the same for an e-commerce project, which requires greater training in digital marketing, than an internationalization project, which will need greater training on logistics or foreign markets’. explains Jordi de Falguera, program director. Up to 40% of Executive MBAs are personalized. 

Students will decide on their individual project and this project will comprise the central pillar to the learning process and will help them to develop analytical and diagnostic aptitudes, and the necessary skills for Business Management. Therefore, they work on a specific project, but the process is designed so that each student will work on and develop the necessary management skills and expertise to implement any project of a personal or professional nature, including management and teamwork, and project confrontation. ‘We’re looking for individuals who present challenges and provide innovative solutions, who want to become central to the learning process and participate in the creation of their training itinerary’.

How to connect management and science?

UPF Barcelona School of Management has consolidated itself as a different school of management. Supported by the teaching staff from the prestigious department of Economics and Business at Pompeu Fabra University, ranked in first place of Spanish universities according to the Times Higher Education Ranking (2015) and also its work concept of management and methodology based on analytics and scientific rigour. ‘The idea is to apply science to business to build the canons of a new economy based on solutions, ideas, research and exchange’, stated university dean, Daniel Serra de la Figuera.

Evidence-based Management, an open mind and cross-disciplinary skills are key to training people to be capable of finding those solutions or business opportunities which are not always so obvious. He enjoys a prominent position in the field of higher education thanks to his strong focus on personalization, a multidisciplinary approach and mentoring.