The fourth edition of Quorum opened up the debate between lecturers at UPF Barcelona School of Management and UPF-IDEC on Europe.

On 25 May, the European elections will be held. But Europe has lost its magic. The economic crisis has affected even the strongest countries, the welfare state is being slowly undermined, and the desire for unity, once so indispensable, is faltering. Is this simply an economic crisis or an existential one too? Should we try to recuperate and strengthen our native European values or has the time come to move towards the creation of a United States of Europe?

In this new edition of Quorum  you will find an interesting exchange of opinions voiced by our academic experts Xavier Freixas, Christopher Tulloch, Alejandro Saiz Arnaiz, Mercè Roca, Carles Murillo, Vicenç Navarro, Jordi Torrents and we are also interested in our student’s opinions, in this case, one of our Talent Scholarships, Lena Raps.

We are also interested in your opinion, so our blog is open to receive and share the opinions of anybody who would like to share their own reflections.