Victor Kossakovsky presents “Demonstration” in Barcelona

On Thursday 2 October at 8pm at the Aribau Multicines in Barcelona, the documentary "Demonstration” will be released, with the attendance of Russian director Victor Kossakovsky and some of the 32 students on UPF-IDEC’s Master in Creative Documentary who make up the film’s team. Demonstration was chosen as Documentary of the Month, and is an initiative of DOCS Barcelona who will screen this documentary through a network of 53 cinemas in Catalonia and Spain throughout the month of October. Victor Kossakovsky along with some of the students on the Master program will also present the film the following day, Friday 3 October at 8pm at the screening, in Barcelona’s Zumzeig-Bistrot cinema.

Demonstration is an initiative of the Master’s Degree programme in Documentary Making at the IDEC-Pompeu Fabra University. Some of the students’ recordings were of the general strikes that took place in Barcelona on 29 March and 14 November 2012 against the government’s austerity plans.  During the strikes, 32 students from the Master’s programme took to the streets with their cameras in order to record events from a variety of different perspectives, following the instructions of Russian director Victor Kossakovsky. The documentary follows those who were involved in the events: the demonstrators, the police, the fire-fighters, the medical services and the omnipresent cameras. However, the images acquire new meaning when juxtaposed with the music from composer Ludwig Minkus’s Don Quixote, lending the documentary a wholly unexpected “cinematographic ballet” effect.