Docmeeting Argentina colabora con el Postgrado en Producción Ejecutiva de Documentales del IDEC-UPF

IDEC-Pompeu Fabra University and DOC Meeting Argentina have signed a collaboration agreement within the framework of the Postraduate Course in Executive Production for Documentaries .

Organised together with the production company Parallel 40, the course provides students with the methodology and the tools needed to produce successful documentaries on an international level. In order to do so, it deals with each and every part of the documentary creation process in depth — development (research, draft script, budget, funding), production (script, filming, editing, post-production) and distribution (screening, marketing, festivals). Throughout the course, students will develop their own project, and, with the aim of securing funding, they will be given the opportunity to present it in different professional international markets.

The 5 th edition of the DOC Meeting Argentina Festival was held on 22, 23 and 24 September in Buenos Aires . The documentary festival provides a meeting point for audiovisual industry professionals from the fields of both cinema and television working on regional, national and international levels. DOC Meeting is a space in which professionals can develop projects which are under production. It's an environment in which to discuss different co-production, marketing and distribution strategies for documentaries and, without doubt, a business platform for marketing finished documentaries in the most diverse formats.