DJ Raff, former student of the Sonology Postgraduate programme, releases his next album on 27 July

Rafael Pérez, a former student from the 1stSonology Postgraduate programme, known under the artistic moniker of DJ Raff, has succeeded in the musical arena as a producer, composer and DJ and distributes his musical skills between hip hop, electronica and rock.

His album “Collage Binario” was presented in May and reflects his journey through the Sonology Postgraduate courses, exploring digital synthesis techniques, also used in the creation of “Reactable”, a project led by Sergi Jordà, the director of the programme and also researcher, musician and digital composer.

His latest album “Latino&Proud” will be released on 27 July and distributed by Nacional Records, a record label from California.

See the following videos for further information about DJ Raff: