Diploma awards for the Postgraduate Programme in Industrial Property in Buenos Aires

On 23rd March a ceremony took place in the Metropolitan Museum in Buenos Aires to award diplomas for the postgraduate course in Industrial Property as a Strategic Tool. This was co-organised by IDEC and the INPI (Institute of Industrial Property) in Argentina and was sponsored by Novartis. The event was chaired by the president of INPI, Sr. Mario Aramburu, the president for Novartis in Latin America, Luis Villalba, and General Director of IDEC, Pau Verrié. Almost all 41 graduates were present, as well as INPI lecturers and technicians, including Graciela Adán, INPI co-ordinator for International and Institutional Relations, Juan Miguel Thurburn, director of Corporative Affairs for Novartis, Argentina, and officials from the Argentinean delegation of IDEC. On the part of the Universitat Pompeu Fabra the programme was directed by lecturer Paz Soler, who also taught on it along with lecturers Montiano Monteagudo from UPF, Alberto Casado, from OAMI (Office for the Harmonisation of the Interior Market in the European Union).

The general feeling at the event, as well as that expressed by representatives participating, was one of satisfaction with the programme?s development and the results obtained. All institutions agreed on promoting a second edition during 2007