Diego San José, the scriptwriter of Ocho Apellidos Vascos, gives a talk on comedy sketches and the boundaries of humour

 “Comedy knocks on the door of the wickedness we all have inside us”, affirmed Diego San José at the start of his talk for the Postgraduate Course in Television Scriptwriting that is offered by UPF-IDEC in collaboration with the production company El Terrat. “There’s no humour to be found in winners, the guy who gets the girl or when something goes well. We laugh at the guy who falls over and the guy who fails, and we laugh because it’s not happening to us. That laughter is the wickedness that lives inside us. Socially, we’ve tamed it, but occasionally it leaks out; we can’t stop it and we laugh”, San José contended.


Diego San José, who co-wrote the script for Ocho Apellidos Vascos with Borja Cobeaga, spoke to students on the Postgraduate Course about comedy and the boundaries of humour.