Daniel Sánchez Crespo creates the launch game for the PS Vita from Sony Computer

Daniel Sánchez Crespo, Director of the Master in Creation of Video Games , has created a revolutionary video game at his company Novarama for the launch of the PS Vita, Sony Computer's latest console.

Reality Fighters brings the real and virtual worlds closer together than ever before. The key difference between this and previous video games is that the characters are the players themselves. Players can use the console to take a photo on which they base their character. There are 8 trillion possible characters in the game — more than there are people on the planet. Using their own photo as a starting point, players can turn themselves into characters such as Son Goku, Mr Miyagi, Mourinho, Guardiola or Messi.

A year and a half ago, the Novarama team received a call from Japan to tell them that they had been selected to create one of the launch games for the PS Vita console.

Reality Fighters will be one of the most important games for this console, which will go on the market in more than 60 countries. Sánchez Crespo told La Vanguardia newspaper that this is the first time their work is to be released in Japan, and that they are “tremendously excited. It would be like a footballer getting to play in the Camp Nou. Japan is the biggest market for games.”
Daniel Sánchez Crespo founded Novarama eight years ago in a small room at Pompeu Fabra University. Novarama is currently a leading company in the world of video games, thanks to its creativity, innovation and effort.
The values of creativity, innovation and effort are also key for the Master in Creation of Video Games, a programme characterised by prestigious lecturers with experience in the sector, as well as the success of its students:

• 15 video games released within the Master's framework

• 72% of the students from 2010-2011 found employment

• 2 winners of the Independent Games Festival, San Francisco

  • Galaxy Scraper
  • Last Dance

• 4 winners of Artfutura, Barcelona

  • Rennard
  • Galaxy Scraper
  • Granny Snatchers
  • Inopia

• 1 winner of Creanimax, Mexico

  • Tempo

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