Creativity, innovation and positive-thinking in times of crisis

This IDEC-Universitat Pompeu Fabra MBA programme has been designed with a clear business orientation to meet the needs of demanding professionals who wish to be prepared in order to successfully face the opportunities and threats which currently surround businesses. P articipants are characterised by a strong drive towards self-improvement and an interest in developing as company executives.

The MBA part time programme lasts 15 months and includes three projects, two of which are competitive, while the third consists of the production of a business plan.

On 31st January of this year the tenth promotion of the MBA part time presented their business plans, sharing their projects with enthusiasm and the drive to tackle and beat the current economic crisis. The participants based their plans on the search for opportunities in business as well as development in sectors which are particularly prevalent at the present time. Some of these projects could already be obtaining the outside financial backing to put them into effect.

Some groups based their business model on an innovative idea, adapted to the needs of society today. This is the case with the future company City Speed: a public service for transporting passengers on three-wheeled motorcycles aimed at getting business people around the city more quickly. Several groups opted for the cosmetics and health sector and coincided in emphasising the great potential clientele these products would have.

Other groups supported the idea of creating businesses with an already existent solid base or copying a model which has already worked but improving its features in order to take up a leading position instead of creating a new service. This is the case with Sports&More, which describes itself as a chain of restaurants offering live and recorded coverage of major sporting events.

According to participants, thanks to these kinds of projects ?the MBA is an ideal laboratory for testing us in the face of problems which are currently to be encountered in the business world.\"