Continuous training in Leadership and Management in Science and Innovation

The Master's in Leadership and Management in Science and Innovation recently created a Club as part of the IDEC-Universitat Pompeu Fabra Alumni Association (AA).

Initially it was the brainchild of students who have completed the first edition of the Master's with the aim of incorporating students from future promotions.

Some of the aims of the club are to promote continuous training in the area of leadership and management in innovation and generate knowledge and opinions in this field.

Therefore, the AAA will offer a training session on the last Thursday of every month. Next sessions:

28th January: Open innovation: the role of virtual intermediaries.

25th February: 2.0 communication in research studies, social networks, education and science.

25th March: Research data management: bioinformatics.

29th April: Trans-national research, indicators and evaluation.

27th May: Project management.