Conference ‘Toward a new model of Governance’

On 9 October IDEC-Universitat Pompeu Fabra will host the conference 'Toward a new model of Governance', organised by Barcelona City Council. It is a high-level conference with the presence of Ada Colau (PAH) and Muriel Casals (Òmnium), among other personalities from the academic, social and political world.

This conference is intended to debate, analyse and reflect in order to find solutions to the crisis in politics, understood as the distance between the authorities and the citizens, promoting the knowledge and the exchange of experiences which offer answers to the current challenges of citizen participation. The conference is organised by the Barcelona Commissioner for Citizen Participation and Associations and is intended especially for public managers, councillors, municipal managers and technicians or the members of bodies with an interest or experience in the subject of the conference. The conference will be closed by the mayor of Barcelona, Xavier Trias.

Further information: Conference ‘Toward a new model of Governance’