Concluding Ceremony for Postgraduate Diploma in Legal and Forensic Architecture from the College of Architects

On the 26th June, at the offices of the College of Architects of Catalunya (COAC), the closing ceremony for the 3rd year of the postgraduate diploma course on Legal and Forensic Architecture (DALF) were held. The ceremony was chaired over by Mr. Jordi Bergadà Masquef, President of the Tarragona delegation of COAC, representing the dean of the college; His Honour, Mr. Antonio Vercher Navarro, Chief Prosecutor for the Environment and Urbanism of the Supreme Court; by Pere Gonzalez Nebreda, President of the Expert Assessor and Forensic Architects Group of COAC; the academic directors of the programme, Dr. Josep Santdiumenge, Mr. Rafael Mur and the Director General of IDEC, Mr. Pau Verrié.

During the ceremony, attention was given to the success of the program, which was thought out and created for all architects to help them as experts, and has brought together 200 participants over three editions.

Of special mention was the emotive remembrance of the loss in September 2006 of Agustí Borrell i Calonge, former dean of COAC, and a person of great standing in the field of legal and forensic architecture in Spain and principal proponent of the DALF programme.

Mr. Antonio Vercher Noguera gave the concluding speech on ?The Expert Analysis on Crimes Against the Environment and Urbanism? and also spoke of the importance of cooperation to defend the architectonic heritage, urbanism and the environment, as well as the need for adequate training of architectural experts in this area.

Jointly organized by IDEC and COAC, the DALF diploma offers a unique opportunity for professional legal training and is the first program in the country created for the preparation of expert forensic and assessor architects.