Commencement of joint qualification programmes with Universidad Diego Portales

Between the months of April and May new editions of joint (dual degree) programmes between the Universidad Diego Portales (UDP) and IDEC-Universitat Pompeu Fabra were begun. Since the first joint edition of the International Diploma in Business Communication, academic ties between the Chilean university and IDEC have been strengthened and extended to various areas. One example of this consolidation are the over 125 Chilean students who have signed up for the joint course this year.

At present there are dual degree programmes in International Master in Communication and theMaster in Publishing: Books andMagazines Specialisation and the MBA Executive programme.

In 2007 the MAGCOM (International master in Communication) celebrated its fourth promotion as a Master?s programme and its seventh as a Diploma programme under the co-direction of lecturer Claudio Avendaño, from UDP, and JosepMaria Casasús, from UPF. The programme is taught at Universidad Diego Portales with the participation of a group of recognised lecturers from IDEC.

The Master in Publishing: Books and Magazines Specialisation is taught at the UDP under the direction of lecturers Alejandro Zambra, from UDP, and Javier Aparicio (specialising in Books) and Josep M. Casasús (specialising in Magazines). The programme, which is biennial, has started the second course of the first edition and the first course of the second edition.

The MBA Executive programme is taught together with the Postgraduate School of the Economics and Business faculty at UDP, under the direction of Sergio Olavarrieta and Joaquín Tena from IDEC.