Cómete el Mundo: MBA 2015 Top Business Plan

"Cómete el Mundo (The World is Your Oyster!)" is a business plan drawn up by six UPF Barcelona School of Management MBA students that have obtained the title of Class of 2015 Top Business Plan. The competition was judged by an external panel consisting of former pupils of MBA, entrepreneurs and Capital Risc agents. The winning proposal involves the creation of an online foodies club, Trotafoodies. The main benefit for members is the receipt of a hamper with gourmet products, which will come from a different country each month. Mexico, Thailand, Russia, France, Morocco... each hamper helps you discover the gourmet products of a country, including drinks, sauces, sweets and the ingredients that you need to create an authentic menu made up of typical dishes. In addition to the recipes, the hamper also includes an explanation of what each product is, an explanatory file with information, anecdotes, novelties, and cultural and tourist information about the country, as well as a QR code that allows you to access video recipes. "It is about the possibility of discovering what a country is like from your own home, through the medium of gastronomy: the food from that country, its flavours, its sweets, its liqueurs... and it is designed for people that like to travel, have experiences and try new things" explains Vicenç Margalef, a member of the Cómete el Mundo team, with Daniel Echevarría, Estefanía García, Gerardo Guasch, Salvador Ortiz and Laura Sobrevías. "We met on the MBA course at the UPF Barcelona School of Management. We are six different people that come from very diverse sectors: auditing, pharmacy, education, chemistry and translation; but we realised we all had common interests: travelling, discovering other cultures, gastronomy, a desire to try new things... and that's how we came up with Cómete el Mundo" Margalef added.

Their business idea consists of the creation of an ecommerce platform with a logistics model based on cross docking, used to manage the shipping of the hampers. In addition, the customer does not know which country's products he will receive in a given month, which introduces an element of surprise. "We liked the idea of a club because it allowed us to offer additional loyalty services like offers and discounts at restaurants or travel agencies, a blog with information, a forum to exchange experiences, travel diaries, games or advice and an adverts board. That's how we ended up creating a community in itself made up of like-minded people. A carefully crafted design and packaging made by the Fundación Privada DAU add even more value to the project and introduce an element of social engagement.

Aside from its originality and the excellent way in which it was presented, the judging panel also appreciated the logistics, marketing and business models used and the financial plan. "It is a well-thought out, well-structured project, it is original, but above all—and this was very highly valued by the judging panel—it is a project that is both viable and applicable, both in terms of technology and economics. That is what gives it more credibility, explains Jordi de Falguera, the director of the MBA. Actually, given the fact that it does not require a large initial investment, the Office of Academic Affairs encouraged them to form a start-up. "We are not ruling it out, since we're very encouraged by all of the work that we have done, we have made contact with suppliers, we have a clear economic plan, and this award will undoubtedly add value to our project".

The UPF Barcelona School of Management MBA also acknowledged the student with the best academic transcript, a prize that was awarded to Albert Orts for the excellent results that he obtained throughout the course.

The Executive MBA Project

The final project, which takes the form of a business plan, is one of the objectives of the MBA offered by UPF Barcelona School of Management, which allows the students to receive multi-purpose directive training with leadership skills. Next year, the Executive MBA is making the personal project a cornerstone of the entire learning process. Each student will work on a personal challenge, a project which will be defined at the beginning of the course, under the supervision of an academic mentor, which will help him/her to identify the key knowledge that he/she must obtain during the course, which in turn will allow him/her to develop his/her own business project or challenge. In this way, UPF Barcelona School of Management is making progress; demonstrating its firm commitment to tailor-made education, mainstreaming and mentoring, which they believe to be key elements of higher education.