Cinco Tintas: an Exemplar of Entrepreneurship in Publishing

Ramon and Cristina represent the third generation of the Paricio publishing family, whose group includes Editorial Iberia, Ediciones Omega and Ediciones Medici. Ramon joined the family business in 2007 and was responsible for strategic and financial management, while his sister Cristina is a graduate of the Master in Publishing and Editing offered by UPF-IDEC -today UPF Barcelona School of Management- and worked in the editorial department of the Quaderns Crema publishing house before joining the production and editorial departments of Ediciones Omega.

At the start of this year the two siblings decided to pool their experience and create their own imprint, Cinco Tintas, a Barcelona-based publishing firm that was born out of their shared passion for the book world and their commitment to publishing. “When we visited different book fairs, our attention was drawn by practical, illustrated guides to cookery, DIY and leisure activities in general, but we realized that books such as those didn’t fit into the catalogues of the publisher we represented. So that’s when we decided to create Cinco Tintas”, explained Cristina.

Their main objective, the siblings continued, is to open up a niche within the category of practical illustrated guides, offering quality content, rigorous editing standards and an attractive, thoughtfully designed image”. Their approach will be based on joint publication with leading international publishers, importing the latest trends and know-how from pioneering countries in the sector (such as the United Kingdom, France and the United States).