Chile: talks by UDP and UPF Alumni

On October 22nd of this year Josep María Casasús, professor in Journalism at UPF, took part in an early-morning talk entitled ?In defence of the reader?. IDEC lecturer Ramón Miquel also took part in the Post-Crisis Economic Seminar for Chile in 2010, organised on 18th November as part of the new Degree in Finance, which is taught jointly with the Chilean university. Finally, Joan Francesc Cànovas, academic co-director on IDEC-UPF's Master's in Communication Management, was the speaker at an early morning talk which was held on December 3rd entitled ?Communication in Public Administration?. These activities organised by the UDP and IDEC-Universitat Pompeu Fabra welcome the participation both of alumni from UDP-UPF joint qualification programmes and Chilean alumni who previously studied at UPF in Barcelona.