Chile: MIBAL business mission to Santiago de Chile

Santiago de Chile was the destination of a business mission which included 35 participants from 13 different countries from the on-site editions of the MIBAL (Master in International Business specialising in Latin America) from the 2007-08 course, directed by Carles Murillo and organized by IDEC in collaboration with ORLA-UPF. This activity is one of the master unique features and one way of familiarising university students with the real business world.

Activities included participation in a business seminar and carrying out business tasks set by Catalan companies. The Universidad Autónoma de Chile offered its premises in Santiago de Chile for the holding of a seminar entitled ?Market Internationalization, the possibilities of business deals and business opportunities in Chile\". The programme concluded with a visit to the headquarters of the Ministry of Finance, where the participants on the MIBAL course were received by the minister Andrés Velasco.

In addition to this seminar, participants also attended a one-day conference held every month by the association of Catalan companies in Chile, chaired by Miguel Balvi Torres, at the head office of the Casal de Catalunya in Santiago de Chile. On this occasion the conference was led by Michele Labbé from the Universidad Católica de Chile under the theme ?Economic Projection for 2008 on a national and international level?.

The MIBAL participants completed the tasks set by the Catalan companies satisfactorily, as they once again put their faith in the programme?s practical activities. In the eleven years during which the MIBAL has existed, Santiago de Chile has been chosen as a destination three times.