Johns Hopkins University and UPF to open a centre for international politics in Barcelona

Johns Hopkins University, one of the leading universities in the USA, has long collaborated with UPF in the area of public policy and the Universities have recently inaugurated the Johns Hopkins University-Pompeu Fabra University Public Policy Center, located in the new UPF Ciutadella campus research building.

The aim of the centre is to improve social welfare and quality of life of people on both sides of the Atlantic. The centre will establish postgraduate research and teaching programs relating to the central issues of the twenty first century such as: climate change; financial, economic, social and political crises; migration; economic, financial and political integration in Europe, etc.

The creation of the centre is a result of the active cooperation between the universities over the years, especially in the area of public policy. This cooperation has been led by Dr Vicenç Navarro, lecturer in Health and Public Policy at JHU and Emeritus Professor in Political and Social Science at UPF. He also directs the UPF-IDEC master program in Public Policy.