CEDRO to sponsor prizes for best projects of the UPF-IDEC Master in Publishing.

The UPF-IDEC Master in Publishing, and CEDRO, the association that manages author and intellectual property rights of Spanish authors and editors, have signed an agreement through which CEDRO will sponsor the  Special Prize for the Best Project   produced by students on the master program. There will be two further prizes for excellent projects.

The accolade will serve not only to recognise the work of the students on the Master in Publishing at Pompeu Fabra University, but will also kick-start their professional careers and  provide new impetus for the publishing sector. “The winning projects will be innovative, sustainable in the business sense and market-ready. Economic assistance and the support of CEDRO is a valuable trampoline for their winners’ careers, and for growth and development of the publishing industry, which will benefit from the innovative talent of the students”, said  Javier Aparicio Maydeu, director of the Master in publishing at UPF-IDEC.

After 20 years the Pompeu Fabra master program does more than just produce professional publishing experts, it is a point of reference for the industry, boasting the support of the entire Spanish editorial sector; Grupo Planeta, Anagrama, Penguin Random House, Grupo 62, Google, Círculo de Lectores, the Catalan Publishers’ Association, the Frankfurt Book Fair, CEDRO and many other groups.

In fact, CEDRO and the Master in Publishing have enjoyed ten years of close collaboration. “Thanks to teamwork and the constant support of the key companies and essential institutions in the sector, we have maintained our position of international prestige in training professionals for the sector. Our students learn about the entire process of producing a book, creating editorial series, selecting and commissioning original books, negotiation and contracting strategies, production and distribution, finance, marketing, and especially publishing 2.0,” claims Aparicio.

The individual end of year project is a key requirement for obtaining the qualification. “Every student uses what he/she has learned to produce their own project. This can be print or digital editing, creating collections, coming up with ideas for new devices, tablets, apps, business models, etc.” CEDRO, as the body that represents and defends rights of authors and editors is proud to support this initiative of the Master in Publishing.

Projects will be presented at the end of June when a jury made up of the directors of the Master and seven renowned professionals from the publishing world will decide which are deserving of the Extraordinary Prize and the two runner-up projects. Aparicio Maydeu is extremely grateful for the respect demonstrated by CEDRO for the Master in Publishing, especially in this milestone 20th year of the program.