BNCPlay2008, meeting point for the video games industry

From 30th June to 11th July IDEC-Universitat Pompeu Fabra organised the second edition of BCNPlay, a meeting point for fans and professionals interested in widening their knowledge of the emergent video games industry.

BCNPlay2008 was directed by Daniel Sánchez-Crespo and offered quality training for both amateurs looking for opportunities and professionals in need of refresher courses. The courses came with the guarantee of success of the Master\'s in Video games Design (the first Master\'s in Video games in Spain and Europe to offer training in Xbox360). This year BCNPlay2008 programmes and workshops once again enjoyed the support of Xbox 360TM.

The programming of the BCNPlay combined theory and practice on seven 20-hour courses, which also featured a programme of talks given by outstanding professionals from the sector.


Universitat Pompeu Fabra and Microsoft announce BCNPlay2008