Students from the Master in International Journalism win the 20Blogs Awards for best blog 2013

The blog 'Goldman Sachs is not an aftershave' began in the classrooms of the Master in International Journalism at UPF-IDEC last year, whose objective is the narration and publication of international news. Once the year had ended, several students decided to keep the blog and professionalize it. ‘Marcos Lamelas, lecturer on the Master program was a great help to us and supported us right from the start. He encouraged us when he told us that we had a differentiating factor, and that is the key to success’, explains Esperanza Escribano, ex-student on the Master and one of the driving forces. And she was right. This week they were awarded best Topical blog and best blog of 2013 in the 20blogs Awards. ‘We still can’t believe it’, she says.

There are eight of them in total: eight women, eight journalists. ‘Seven of us met on the UPF-IDEC Master program and later Susana joined us. They are Esperanza Escribano, Claudia Morán, Verónica Furlan, Núria Segura, Maria Gobern, Elena González, Blanca Blay and Susanna Arús. ‘When we finished the master we realized that the blog would be both a way to keep in touch and also, a way of continuing publishing, given the current situation in the sector’.

Media support in international journalism is becoming more and more scarce and even though all of them are currently working in media or the communications sector, they needed somewhere that they could publish international journalism. ‘We want to get closer to the thousand and one realities on this planet and explain them from a truthful, analytical and direct viewpoint. And as we are women, we will do that from a feminine perspective’. This is their strong point, their distinguishing feature. There have been female correspondents such as Rosa Maria Calaf, Olga Rodríguez o Mònica García Prieto, but the vast majority of correspondents are men and this means that we see what is happening in the world with a masculine slant. When faced with an excess of testosterone, a little more oestrogen is needed’, they suggest.

The blog will be a year old in May, each day they publish an article on Europe, USA, Latin America, the Arab World, Asia, Ukraine... Their objective is to show that far away occurrences can have an effect on our everyday lives. This is their explanation for the name of their blog: Goldman Sachs isn’t an aftershave, but an investment bank that sold subprime mortgage packages, and Bretton Woods isn’t a brand of whisky, but a worldwide economic system made up of the World Bank (WB) and the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

Their blog has turned into the ideal platform to do what they most like doing: international journalism. ‘The blog allows you to have a more informal, direct style, give opinions, interact with the reader’. They admit that social networks have helped them enormously. We have about 150 readers per day although due to the award this week, we have reached over 2,600 visits in one day. A giant leap towards the possibility of turning this blog into a business and continue doing what they like most: writing.