UPF Barcelona School of Management aims towards the training models offered by Masters of Science

  • Big Data and scientific analysis are key players in practically all the training programs on offer at our business school.

UPF Barcelona School of Management, Pompeu Fabra University’s own business school, has chosen to use the same training model employed by Masters of Science as its methodology of the future, for training students in areas such as Management, Marketing, Information technology, and even Finance. In barely four years since it began, the School has observed just how effective this learning system is for training the type of managers that companies are now looking for, or indeed for budding entrepreneurs.

Masters of Science typically apply entirely scientific methodologies, based on data processing and scientific analysis. They are aimed at young people without experience and are taught completely in English in a highly international ambiance. Their growing demand has seen numbers on these programs rise by 40%, with already one hundred students in the present academic year. The business school currently offers seven Masters of Science specialized in Management, International Business, Marketing, IT Strategic Management, Business Analytics, Entrepreneurship, and Finance and Banking, all of them directed by lecturers from the Department in Economics and Business from Pompeu Fabra University, also with a strong international emphasis. This form of specialized learning is used in worldwide leading universities and business schools such as Stanford (USA) and it is recognized as one of the most advanced training standards throughout the main European countries. Therefore, UPF Barcelona School of Management is prioritizing this type of training model in all its areas of learning with the aim of including business sciences in every field: Business and Administration Management, Accounting and Finance, Human Resources, Economics and Health Management, and Administration and Public Management.

For the coming academic year UPF Barcelona School of Management will expand its offer for postgraduates with specialized areas in fields where employment opportunities are opening up, such as pharmacoeconomics, international markets, and business auditing.

In-company training

Pompeu Fabra business school also offers in-company training for businesses and organizations, from Deloitte, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Gas Natural Fenosa, to pharmaceutical companies like Novartis, Janssen and Roche, as well as the entire banking sector. Depending on each company’s needs, customized training plans are designed for their staff. As an example, this year the first University Postgraduate course in Savings and Pension Specialists was created, to train those expert in retirement plans, for 650 professionals at CaixaBank and VidaCaixa. A Postgraduate course in Business Management was designed too, for members of the Lawyers and Surveyors Associations, and another in Conflict Management for members of the Catalan School of Architects.