Jesús Méndez, UPF graduate in Scientific Communication, won the Boehringer Ingelheim Prize for Medical Journalism

Last week Boehringer Ingelheim awarded the 27th Boehringer Ingelheim Prize for Medical Journalism of €8,000 to Jesús Méndez González, winner in the online journalism category for his article Porque la inmunoterapia contra el cáncer es el avance científico del año [Why immunotheraphy for cancer is the scientific development of the year], published by

Jesús Méndez is a doctor, writer and researcher in cancer epigenetics. In 2009 he studied on the 14th Master in Scientific, Medical and Environmental Communication at UPF-IDEC. He writes the blog 20000caligrafías and is co-founder of scientific communication portal Dixit Ciencia and La Ciencia Hacker. He contributes to Agencia SINC and the Tercer Milenio supplement at the Heraldo de Aragón.