Four students from the Master programme in International Business to compete for the Hult Prize 2014 in Dubai

Four students from Pompeu Fabra University’s Barcelona School of Management have been chosen from 10,000 entrants in 150 countries and 350 universities worldwide to compete for the Hult Prize. This prize, worth $1 million, is organized in association with the Hult International Business School and the Clinton Global Initiative organization with the aim of helping social entrepreneurs to develop their projects. In only four years it has become the largest international student competition for social good, with one single monetary prize that is used to put the winning project into execution.

The team members are Sharon Zhengyan (U.S.A.), Jonathan Scott (Australia), Laura Bayona (Spain) and Martín George Kinyaha (Tanzania) ,who have been chosen to participate in the semi-final of the fifth edition of this social entrepreneurship competition. The teams have to present a sustainable proposal of social interest that will help to prevent non-communicable chronic diseases among the 250 million people who live in slums the world over. The four students are currently studying the Master of Science in International Business at the Barcelona School of Management in association with the ESCI Business School.

Some 200 teams of students from all over the world have been chosen to compete in six different cities (Boston, San Francisco, London, Dubai, Shanghai and Sao Paulo). The regional stages of the competition will take place on the 7th and 8th of March 2014, and the Pompeu Fabra team will be attending the Dubai competition. “Reaching this stage of the competition is already a huge success since these students will get a unique, highly formative experience when preparing and presenting their project to a group of academic and professional elites,” explains Mercè Roca, the academic director of the Master programme in International Business.

The school and faculty are enthusiastic in their support of the students. “The Hult is like an entrepreneurship accelerator. It promotes social entrepreneurship, and our team is made up of highly capable, multidisciplinary young people with lots of ideas and lots of energy. They are also a very international team, whose global vision and highly social values are their greatest assets in this competition.”

There are also prizes for the winners of each regional final. The winning team from each of the six cities spends the summer in a business “hothouse”, where the students will be given orientation, advice and help with strategic planning as they create plans and prototypes of their proposed social business. The final round in September will select the winning team, which will be awarded the Hult Prize of $1 million.

The Master of Science Experience 
All four members of the Hult Prize team are studying on the Master of Science in International Business, one of the Master of Science programmes offered by the Barcelona School of Management (in this case in association with the ESCI Business School). These programmes are specifically designed for young, qualified students who are seeking a professional specialization and at the same time want to acquire a new way to work and contribute to the world of management using perspectives such as transversality, analytics and science.

The Masters of Science programmes differ from more conventional programmes in their innovative learning methodology. This methodology is based on analysis and processing of objective data, and employs the rigour of numbers and scientific imperialism as well as the key tools for comprehensive business management. This new learning methodology involves a change in mentality regarding the traditional operational structure of companies, and prepares students for 21st century management. The speed at which both markets and society itself are changing calls for new forms and models of teaching, generating transversal professionals who understand the value of information and data in an increasingly globalized and immediate world.