Article by Jaume Puig-Junoy: Prescriptions and public deficit: Urgent measures

The director of the Master's in Healthcare Economics and Pharmacoeconomics. Online format Jaume Puig-Junoy in an article published in El Periódico on 26 May questioned the financial measures approved by Royal Decree 8/2010 of 20 May for reducing the current deficit.

The director of the Healthcare Economics Research Centre (Centro de Investigación en Economía de la Salud) at UPF (CRES) criticised the fact that the main measure adopted consisted of a deduction in the price of medicinal products with patents in force (outside the reference price system) of 7.5% in favour of social security. The measures leave all incentives for doctors, the industry and patients intact.

Puig-Junoy stated that ?it is worth not acting with a silo mentality on pharmaceutical expenditure but rather on healthcare expenditure as a whole. If we are to take effective pharmaceutical cost-cutting measures, the best way of guaranteeing the sustainability of this public provision is by acknowledging that ?fewer (prescriptions) can mean greater (health)?.

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