ArtFutura awards prizes to video games created on the Masters in Video games Design

The ArtFutura 2008 awards ceremony took place on Sunday, 26th October in the Sala Maria Aurèlia Campmany at the Mercat de les Flors in Barcelona. (Photo by Santi Fort)

In the video games creation category, the winners of the Premi LABoral ArtFutura were the creators of the video game Invasion of the Granny Snatchers, a team of students from the MCV (Masters in Video games), which is directed by Daniel Sánchez Crespo and Josep Blat, lecturers in the DTIC (Department of Information and Communication Technology) at UPF. This team is made up of Tomás Ariznavarreta, Jordi Cidoncha, Rick Seligmann, Benet Carrasco, Roman Montes and David Orejuela.

In second place was Magical Gloves, another video game developed at IDEC which was presented as an independent project by Jordi Ramon Puig, a video games designer on the MCV, who was also awarded the prize for best design.

The video game Number6 was awarded the prize for best graphics and received a special mention for best technology. The Number6 team is made up of students from the Masters at IDEC-UPF who also worked on the development of Magical Gloves.

In addition to the above, there were two other finalists in this first edition of ArtFutura: ChickenBall and Acheron, both designed on the Masters in Video game Design at IDEC-UPF.

Worthy of note is the fact that in the last edition of ArtFutura, the video game Galaxy Scraper, which was designed by students on the Masters in Video game Design at UPF won first prize for the best video game. Last February, this same work was awarded another prize at the tenth edition of the Annual Independent Games Festival, which took place in the USA. This was the first time a game designed in Spain had won a prize at what are considered to be the Oscars of independent video games.

The Masters in Video game Design is aimed at graduates in Fine Arts or Audiovisual Communication (in the design field) and also graduates or Senior Engineers in Information Technology or Electronics (in the programming field). It is also aimed at those individuals who are interested in the design and production of video games, including professionals from other areas who would like to widen their knowledge of one of the fields currently generating the most activity in the world of multimedia design.

Since January 1990, ArtFutura, the most renowned festival of Culture and Digital Creativity in this country, has focussed on the most important projects and ideas to come out of international panorama in terms of new audiovisual mediums, interactive design, video games and digital animation.