Approval of the Regulation of the Law Studies Act on access to the professions of Lawyer and Court Procurator

On 16 June the Official State Gazette (BOE) published Royal Decree 775/2011,
dated 3 June, approving the Regulation
of Act 34/2006, of 30 October, on the access to the professions of Lawyer and
Court Procurator

The main objective of this act is to improve the professional skills of lawyers
and procurators regarding relevant collaborators of the justice authorities
with the purpose of citizens having guaranteed quality advice, legal defence
and technical representation as the essential elements for the exercise of
the basic right to effective legal protection.

The new regulation, which establishes the necessary requisites for practising
as a lawyer, is applicable to law graduates subsequent to the coming into force
of the act, i.e. 30 October 2011. The new requisites established by the regulation
consist of carrying out a practical placement and approving a final assessment
after having passed a training course.

Bearing in mind the requirements established by this act, from this October
IDEC-Universitat Pompeu Fabra shall be offering the second edition of the Master's
of Laws
, which prepares participants to be able to compete in the new
employment market, in accordance with the profile sought by the most prestigious