An artistic work in memory of Pompeu Fabra on show in the entrance hall to the Ferrocarrils, Provença station

From 3rd April the entrance to Provença station with Diagonal has shown a work by artist Jordi Benito, which pays homage to the figure of Pompeu Fabra. The work is structured around quotes from the linguist, translated conceptually to the language of mathematics by the scientist Jorge Wagensberg, and is immortalised on the floor of the hall in the form of an engraving. This act forms part of the programme which the Government of La Generalitat has undertaken to promote the participation of artists in public works in order to capture and transmit to new public spaces the social and cultural particularities of the surrounding area through art.

The Departament de Política Territorial i Obres Públiques promoted the installation of this work of art dedicated to the linguist Pompeu Fabra, located in the new hall at the FGC station which joins Provença and Diagonal, on the request of Pau Verrié, director general of IDEC-Universitat Pompeu Fabra.

This proposal aims to remind travellers of the figure of Pompeu Fabra through words, in the form of an engraving by the artist Jordi Benito in the granite floor of this new space.

With one word we can express more than one thought

This work, entitled Meeting Point, immortalises a quote by the linguist specially chosen by the poet Antoni Marí from his personal writings: With one word we can express more than one thought. The scientist Jorge Wagensber was given the task of translating this sentence by Fabra into the language of mathematics, transforming this poetic, conceptual work into an abstract intervention, using mathematical formulae and symbols.

The area of the hall where the posthumous work of the artist Jordi Benito is installed is has specially chosen lighting which heightens the impact of the work and transports the traveller into a unique atmosphere.