Algeria: Seminar on the Creation of Businesses

Last July in Algiers young Algerian entrepreneurs in the process of creating their own companies took part in a Seminar on the Creation of Businesses: from the Idea to the Project, organised by IDEC and the Chambre de Commerce et d\'Industrie d\'Alger (CACI), the Agence Nationale de Soutien à l\'Emploi des Jeunes (ANSEJ) and the Fundación Gas Natural.

The programme featured contributions by representatives of related entities: ANSEJ, CACI, Fundación Gas Natural; and the teaching contribution of Francesc Trias Puig-Sureda, on behalf of IDEC and experts from ANSEJ. The aim of the programme is to contribute to the development and training of Algerian companies and provide them with useful experiences, models and tools so as to help them set up their own companies.